Snap On The Bus

We are a privately-owned company, bringing a unique fun experience to the Northeast Ohio area. We have seen the idea of the photo-booth in a bus in other states where it has been used for decades, immediately fell in love with it. We equipped our classic 1970 VW Bus with the latest software and camera equipment to deliver the best pics and photo-booth experience for you and your guests.


Our Classic 1970 VW Bus

We bring our bus to your event, with the latest photo booth equipment and fun props. An attendant stays with you to help guide your guests on how to use the photo booth.
free standing booth1

Free Standing Photo Booth

We also provide a free-standing Photo booth (without the bus) for indoor events.

High Quality Touch Screen Monitor

From a high-quality touch screen monitor, you can print and/or share your photos for social media sharing.

For All Your Events

Whatever the occasion – birthdays, graduations, mitzvahs, family reunions, anniversary parties, weddings, corporate events – wherever the bus goes, the party follows.

Why Choose Us?

  • The biggest advantage of Snap On The Bus is that we value YOU. We will work with you and your budget to accomplish what you have in mind. We want you to have a successful, memorable event.
  • Unlimited pictures for your events to ensure maximum fun.
  • Duplicate Photo-strips
  • Have your name, your logo, name of the event or whatever you please on the pictures for a memorable event.
  • We provide GIF, short videos and slow motion movies for more fun.
  • Quality pictures, we put a professional-grade Canon DSLR camera in every photo booth as well as the newest DNP620A printer for instant high quality prints.
  • Instant Sharing of your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with your family and friends. You can also forward them to your email for future sharing and reprints.
  • Snap On The Bus provides fully equipped photo booths. It comes with props without extra charges. Our photo booths are like treasure boxes for you to find exciting stuff.

What Is Our Process?


Fill the booking form or call us directly to confirm the availability of the photobooth.


We will contact you back within 2-3 days to discuss the details of the event and work with you and customize it to your needs.


We will show up at the date and time of the event, for the free-standing booth, we will show up half hour earlier than the scheduled time for setting up the booth.


We stay with the booth guiding the guests on how to have the most fun out of the booth.

Book Your Event

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Booking Work?

Fill the Booking Form or call us directly and we will contact you as soon as we can to confirm the availability of the photobooth and discuss the details of the events.

What Is Your Pricing And/Or Methods Of Payments?

Weekends$500 for two hours event
$600 for three hours events
Week Days$400
Photobooth (without the Bus)$300 for 2 hours events and $50 for every extra hour there after

Please contact us for special occasions, extras and discounts

How Far Will You Travel?

We are located in Canton/Masillon area, covering events within 30 miles radius of this area. However, the bus is ready to travel for long distance, please contact us for extra charges based on the distance.

Do You Print The Photo Strips At The Event? And Can I Get Extra Copies?

You can have different size prints (4×6), strips, as well as duplicate photo strips. We use the highest quality photopapers as well as the newest DNP620A printer for the best quality in the market. Unlimited prints for your guests are included.

A digital copy of all the pictures of the event can be sent to your email for future prints.

Can You Personalize The Photo Strips?

You can have your name, company logo, name and date of the event or any other titles you wish to have included in all your photos.

Several themes and backgrounds can be customized and incorporated into your pictures using a green screen software.

What Is Your Privacy Policy And Cancellation Policy?

There is no cancellation fee if cancelled within 48 hours of the event. Cancellation fee of $100 apply if cancellation within 48 hours.

Can You Set Up A Normal (Standalone) Photo Booth?

A free standing photo booth (without the bus) is available using high grade, heavy duty , rain resistant canopy for indoor as well as outdoor events. The large size canopy allows group photo sessions for your guests. Different props are included. An extra half-hour is needed for setting up and bringing down the photo booth.

What Props Do You Have? Can We Use Our Own Props?

Our collection includes several groups of props, if you have special props in mind, please communicate it with us ahead of time to make sure we have them. You are more than welcome to use your own props.

Will My Guests Have To Pay Individually For The Photo Booth?

No. The SnapOnTheBus rental includes unlimited photos and prints for all the guests in your event.

What Is The Quality Of Pictures And Prints You provide?

We deliver the highest quality pictures and prints available in the photobooth market. Our photobooth include a professional-grade Canon DSLR camera in every photo booth as well as the newest DNP620A printer for instant high-quality prints.

You can also post your pictures immediately on Facebook, Instagram or send it to any phone or email (So you can share you GIFs and Videos)

What If something goes Wrong With The Photo Booth Or My Guests Don't know What To Do?

We test our system regularly and on the night before the event to make sure it is functioning and in optimal condition. A well-trained attendant will stay with you through the event to ensure proper function of the equipment and guide your guests. In the unfortunate event of malfunction of our equipment or failure to serve your event, no charges will be applied to you.

Get In Touch!

We are looking forward to take your event to whole new level!

Make your event unique and fun with our vintage VW photo bus. We love to be part of your memorable event!


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